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Crazy Muscle® Creatine Monohydrate Pills: [PROVEN] Muscle Building Supplement ✅✅

by Crazy Muscle

Crazy Muscle® Creatine Monohydrate Pills: [PROVEN] Muscle Building Supplement ✅✅

by Crazy Muscle
Brand: Crazy Muscle
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Item number:264392949180
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Custom Bundle:No
Main Purpose:Baseball
Supply:1 Month and Longer
Nutrition Facts Label:Yes
When to Take:Afternoon
Active Ingredients:Creatine
Number of Pills:90
Type of Diet:Atkins
Modified Item:No
Product Name:Three-Atine (Creatine Pills)
Ingredients:Creatine Pyruvate
Item Weight:7.9 oz
Brand:Crazy Muscle
Dosage:5001 mg

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Creatine PillsMuscle AttackBCAA TabletsTest Booster
Primary GoalMuscle builderStrength boostRapid recoveryExplode power
Bottle Count1809012090
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Free Shipping✓✓✓✓

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Creatine, a protein-like compound doesn't get produced by muscle tissue. It gets synthesized in the liver from the amino acids glycine and arginine. Crazy Muscle’s innovative (and top selling) Three-Atine is a specially formulated concoction of three premium sources of creatine:
Creatine Monohydrate (the most popular) supported by Creatine Alphaketoglutarate (AKG) and Creatine Pyruvate for maximum muscular absorption to increase body muscle mass building capacity, boost postworkout performance, and shorten your post workout (PWO) recovery time.
There are 3 common questions we get all the time about our creatine, so here are the best highlighted benefits we always share from our unique formula:
No need to cycle on/off creatine, so feel free to take it every day and watch as you continue to make fitness gains
Women in good health can take the same dosage of creatine monohydrate as men
Our creatine tablets are pure and contain absolutely ZERO animal by-products in the active and other ingredients.
ThreeAtine has over 5,000 mg of Creatine Monohydrate, Pyruvate and AKG per serving
There are several other types out there like creatine hcl (hydrochloride), creapure, phosphate, malate, buffered, kre alkalyn, micronized, liquid and conjugated. We studied the best x3 creatine ingredients that we felt would work best together and combined them to create Three-Atine.
Many creatine monohydrate supplements on the market also require or recommend a ‘loading phase’, which requires consuming ample amounts of creatine for a few days. If you're currently taking creatine and switching to Three-Atine, the loading phase is not necessary.
Our creatine supplements have a 100% absorption rate, and because it is in tablet form, it has shown to be easy on the digestive tract for both male and female who eat a healthy diet, yes even the keto diet. People don't call it the world's most popular muscle builder for nothing.
These creatine monohydrate tablets boast 5,001 mg per serving and are produced in the USA.
Common types of folks who take creatine are collegiate and professional sports athletes, crossfit, mixed martial arts, sprinters and folks like you and me, who are just trying to build muscle, get ripped and recharge your energy levels. Creatine monohydrate stacks very well with beta alanine.
Creatine monohydrate can also help strengthen the weakened muscles of people with various types of muscular dystrophy.
Fuel Your Growth: Supercharge Muscle Performance and Recovery
Each Three-Atine tablet is packed with 1,667 mg of creatine
Our creatine caps exceed the highest potency...aka...More creatine per pill. Just 3 tablets taken 15 minutes pre workout contain over 5,000 mg of genuine creatine.
Some of the other brands out there who produce creatine capsules only fit 700 - 800 mg into each tablet. Our platinum level creatine contains 1,667 mg of creatine in each tablet.
What are the benefits of taking creatine monohydrate over something like creatine ethyl ester?
Accelerates your muscle growth to build bulk mass
Boosts your ability to recover postworkout from high-intensity interval training (HIIT)
Generates more energy from your muscle cells to gain weight (quality muscle gains)
Acts as a great pre workout and stacks perfectly with BCAA (branch chain amino acids)
What Does Creatine Actually Do For You?
Boosts the formation of proteins that generate new muscle fibers.
IGF-1 is elevated, which promotes an increase in muscle mass.
Raises water content of your muscles leading to bigger muscle size.
Studies have shown creatine can increase muscle size in 1 week.
Initially, the growth is caused by increased water in your muscle.
Over a few weeks, it signals biological pathways & boost results.
Increases your muscles' ability to generate new ATP (the energy molecule).
Limits performance. ATP is used faster than it gets reproduced.
Creatine allows you to reproduce it faster than you use it.

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